The Portable Office Shop offers a range of services for the modular and portable building industry. As well as supplying both new and reconditioned and pre-owned buildings, we also provide the following services:-

Design Service
If you are considering a new build and need help in providing the right layout we can assist you by providing a drawing and if necessary a quotation to help you cost your project.
If you are considering a pre-owned building we can also provide you with layout designs and costings and put together all the information required for you to approach your local authority for planning.

Building Movements
If you have a need to transport a cabin or modular building the Portable Building Shop can provide this service at an extremely economic rate. You can rest assured that by letting us handle your building movement, it is in the hands of the professional.

Building Relocation and refurbishment
The Portable Building Shop will re-locate and if necessary refurbish and reconfigure your portable buildings, whether they are jack-leg cabins or modular. We can move your buildings between sites and prepare them for your new requirement.

Building Relocation and temporary storage
It maybe that you are between contracts and need to temporarily store your cabins or modular buildings before the next contract starts. The Portable Building Shop can store the buildings for you at very competative rates. If the buildings need refurbishment or remodelling this can be carried out while they are in one of our depots. The buildings can then be moved to site to suit you needs.

The Portable Building Shop has many years of experience in the Modular and Portable Building industry and only employs experienced professionals who are very familiar with the movement and refurbishment of portable and relocatable buildings.

The Portable Building Shop can provide you with a complete service or you can pick just the elements of our services you need.

Whatever your requirement,why not give us a call or email us at the numbers shown on the panels on the right.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Trade enquiries welcome.

Building movements and fleet management

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Design service

The Portable Building Shop can help you by advising how modular and portable buildings can be used to accommodate your particular temporary or semi-permanent accommodation requirement. We have building modules that start at 3.6m x 2.7m and go up to 18m x 3.6m stand alone units mounted on jack legs. These can be fitted out …

Refurbishment and storage

The Portable Building Shop will refurbish your existing modular and portable buildings.  We will also store your buildings before re-siting them for you. Your business may be using portable and re-locatable accommodation for convenience to further your business growth or for use on a site for offices and welfare accommodation on contracts. You may now …