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Modular buildings

“Modular buildings” is one of those terms that you might hear used a lot, but you may not be sure of what it means. The Portable Building Shop speciality is to supply both new and pre-owned modular and portable buildings. Having a basic understanding is always helpful so we thought we would tell you how modular buildings are constructed and how your Portable Building Shop building would be delivered to you.

Modular building

Modular building

Modular buildings are so called because they are constructed in modules. Each individual module is fully equipped before it leaves the factory or in the case of a refurbished unit one of our depots. It can come equipped with connections, carpet, and even plumbing and heating before it has been installed on site. The created modules can then be delivered to your site and erected as necessary. By preparing the building before it gets to site, enables us to control very closely the quality and finish to the buildings.

Each module is brought by suitable vehicle to its final destination, where it is laid alongside its neighbours to create a single building. Modules can be stacked to create additional storeys and lifts and staircases can be installed after the building is completely constructed. In this way, each modular building can be constructed exactly to your specifications, and designed to fit into whatever space you have available for the building

There are quite a few benefits when it comes to constructing modular buildings rather than traditional ones. Because construction is a simple, straightforward process, modular buildings are approximately 50% faster to make than normal buildings.

Modular Marketing Suite

Modular Marketing Suite

Modular and portable buildings are also a very quick solution to replace buildings that have been damaged or destroyed in an accident or fire or ones that need extending to facilitate expansion of your business. The speed at which a building can be prepared can be counted in a matter of weeks and provide offices, classrooms, wards, temporary operating theatres, welfare facilities, canteens, laboratories…in fact almost any type of requirement can be catered for. This response is simply not achievable with traditional construction methods.

Because the construction isn’t taking place outside for the most part, weather and site-based problems are much less prevalent. When your modules are built or prepared indoors by qualified specialists, those issues cease to be a problem. Only the very last stage of the process is subject to the delays that normally plague a construction project, and because this is faster and easier, substantial delays almost never happen.

Moreover, because of the way modular buildings are constructed, changes are easy. It’s simple to create additional modules or remove existing ones, which makes expanding or reducing your space much simpler. It’s even possible to move your entire building from one place to another in the case of office moves, expansions, or reductions. Less waste is generated on the site itself because so much of the construction happens elsewhere, and construction standards are upheld simply because every building is made by experts in one location.

In short, modular buildings are a sustainable, long-term method of construction that can make your life much simpler and be very cost effective for your business.