Portacabins Suffolk

Our high quality portable buildings offer a low cost alternative to permanent structures for organisations that need more space, either on a short or long-term basis. Manufactured at our factory in Hull, we can deliver new units to sites across Suffolk and we also have a wide selection of pre-owned cabins available at our regional depots. Because each cabin can be fitted to meet your particular requirements, they are suitable for a wide range of applications. Depending on the size and internal layout of the units in question, you could use them as:


·         Staff Canteens

·         Washrooms

·         Toilets

·         Offices

·         Storerooms

·         Meeting Rooms


Heating, lighting and electrical connections can be fitted before delivery, so all you need to do when your cabin arrives is to ‘plug it in’, so to speak. Our installation team will of course be on hand to make sure that everything goes smoothly and that all safety issues are properly addressed.


Maintaining Our Portacabins in Suffolk


Owing to the durable nature of the materials used in their construction and the high standards to which they are manufactured, there is very little that needs to be done in the way of regular maintenance when using our cabins on a long-term basis. However, as with any type of building, you may need to consider renovating them at some point in the future. You can employ your own maintenance staff to take care of the type of small issues that need attending to from time to time in all commercial properties but when it comes to major refurbishments, our team of experts is your best option. We offer the following renovation services to owners of cabins manufactured by us and other reputable firms in the UK:


·         Transportation – If you would like us to carry out the refurbishment work at one of our depots, we will collect the cabins from your site and return them once the work has been completed


·         Design Service – If you would like to change the internal layout of your cabins at the same time as having them refurbished, we will put our experienced design team at your service. Together, you can plan new interior layouts that will suit your needs perfectly.


·         Refurbishment – This is the stage when we take the plans we have made together (assuming that you wish to change the existing layouts; if not we will simply restore your cabins to their original condition) and turn them into a physical reality in each unit that you wish us to refurbish. Once we have done this, we will, as mentioned above, return the cabins to your site, ready for you to use.


Moving Units to New Locations


If you would like us to refurbish your portacabins in Suffolk before moving them to a new location, or simply move them ‘as is’, we are more than happy to provide this service. Just call our storage and refurbishment depot (we can also store units that are surplus to requirements if desired) and let us know what you need.