Portacabins Peterborough

Portable cabins have been used in the UK and all around the world for many years, in a wide variety of settings. One of the reasons for their enduring popularity is the fact that they make it easy for organisations to provide temporary workspace for new recruits and to move that workspace around to wherever it is needed most. This flexibility is in stark contrast to the permanence and inflexibility of a brick building which, once constructed, cannot be moved to another location in the event that it becomes surplus to requirements at its current one. When taking on new staff it is not always possible for companies to predict if their total number of employees will remain at the new level or fall back to previous levels at a later date. Portable units free owners from attempting to predict the future in this way.


Why Choose Our Portacabins in Peterborough?


Our factory is actually based in Hull but we have several depots across the country, enabling us to offer a first-class service to customers in all areas. If you are looking for brand new portable cabins in the Peterborough area, you will not find any that are manufactured to a higher standard than ours. Furthermore, our highly competitive pricing structure means that we are able to help companies of all sizes to solve their mobile workspace needs without putting undue pressure on their cash flows in the process. If quality and value for money are top of your list of priorities when shopping for mobile cabins, call our sales team at the Portable Building Shop today to discuss your requirements in detail.


Could You Find a Better Deal Than Our New Portable Cabins?


You would expect us to respond firmly in the negative when asked this question but the fact of the matter is that for companies who are looking to purchase standalone jack leg cabins at the lowest prices, it is definitely possible to find cheaper deals than our new units. Whether they are better is a matter for your firm to decide but we are pleased to be able to offer our clients in the area a great selection of previously owned cabins at very attractive prices. These units include not just those that we make ourselves but cabins from companies such as Yorkon and Britspace as well. We firmly believe that our products are the best but we are happy to make room in our pre-owned warehouses for units made by other portable building manufacturers if they are in good condition.


Custom Units Made to Your Specifications


If you require a particular size of cabin that is not in our standard range, please do not hesitate to call us on 01480 810429 and ask about our custom portacabins in Peterborough. We can manufacture new units to custom sizes and specifications, still at highly affordable prices. We do everything possible to make sure that our customers get exactly what they want when buying new portable cabins from us.