Portacabins Northants

With our crack team of designers, purpose-built manufacturing facility in Hull and wide selection of second hand units in our regional depots, there are very few temporary or mobile workspace requirements that we cannot meet. We set out with the intention of building an organisation that could provide first-class services and products to clients across the UK and we are pleased to be able to say that we have managed to achieve this aim. We can honestly say that, whatever line of business you are in and whatever it is that you need extra space for, we can more than likely solve your problems at a very affordable cost. Call today on 01480 810429 or 07836 327491 to find out exactly what we have to offer.


Refurbishing Old Portacabins in Northants


Whilst the majority of our clients are interested in purchasing new or pre-owned units to expand the space currently available at their premises, some organisations already have the mobile buildings they need but would like to have them refurbished. We offer a comprehensive refurbishment service to such customers, as well as to firms who wish to buy new and used units. We can either restore such units to their former condition or come up with completely new designs if you wish to put them to a new use once they have been renovated. Our experienced team of designers have tackled a huge variety of projects in the past and are sure to be able to help you create suitable new interiors for your mobile buildings.


Moving Your Cabins to New Locations


If you need to move portable buildings from one place to another in Northants (or further afield) we can help. We offer a building movements service designed to cover all the transportation needs of clients who would like to relocate their mobile units. Whilst you could accomplish this task by hiring an outside team, we can almost certainly do it faster, cheaper and better. We have an in-depth knowledge of the factors that need to be taken into consideration when moving mobile cabins and can usually anticipate potential problems and deal with them before they create unnecessary delays. Whether you purchased your portacabins in Northants from us or from another firm, please feel free to call at any time and request a quotation for this service.


Helping You to Create Larger Spaces


We often have clients who require large, portable spaces on a temporary or ongoing basis, for which our standalone cabins may be unsuitable. For such clients, we are pleased to be able to offer our range of high quality, modular units, manufactured to your specifications in our factory. The units are designed to be used together in a variety of configurations: many clients choose to have them stacked and equipped with lifts and stairs, in order to make more efficient use of the land they have available. Whether you need a large or small quantity of modular units, please get in touch to discuss your requirements with our sales and design teams.