Portacabins Norfolk

Our range of new and pre-owned mobile buildings in Norfolk includes both standalone jack leg cabins and modular units of varying sizes. There are many conventional uses to which these structures can be put, such as temporary office space, mobile clinics and classrooms; the only limit to what you can do with our quality units is your imagination! Below are some out-of-the-ordinary suggestions of ways in which our portable buildings could help your business. Some of them may not be practical for your organisation but others are sure to be of interest, if not now maybe at some point in the future.


·         Chill Out Zones – You may not pay your employees to sit around and shoot the breeze but providing them with somewhere they can escape their normal working environment for 10 minutes or so every now and then could pay dividends. A change of scenery often helps people to overcome mental blockages and to come up with innovative ways to solve difficult problems. Using our portable units for this purpose will be far cheaper than hiring a local construction firm to build a permanent structure.


·         Mobile Lecture Rooms – If you often hold staff training sessions for large groups of employees at branch offices in Norfolk and elsewhere, our cabins could provide you with the perfect place location for these sessions. They can be installed in one location for a few months training, then moved to new sites as you roll out new training programmes across the country.


·         Games Rooms – Similar to chill our rooms in some ways but portable games rooms are more of a leisure facility for staff to use during lunch breaks and after work. Creating such facilities with the help of our portacabins in Norfolk will not cost a fortune and could help to foster a sense of community that leads to productivity improvements.


·         Emergency Training Centres – If you would like to train your employees how to respond in the event of a fire, flood or other emergency, you can do so with far less risk to expensive equipment by holding the training in our mobile units. If a simulated flood or fire should happen to get out of control, our refurbishment team can probably repair the damage and have your buildings looking as good as new in no time.


Interior Layouts for Your Portacabins in Norfolk


Whilst some of the suggested uses above could be put into practice in mobile units with a standard interior configuration, some may require a custom layout. If you decide to go ahead with a suggestion that requires a rethink of the standard cabin interior layout, we can put our experienced design team at your disposal. We are experts at providing innovative solutions for unusual requirements and will be more than happy to help your organisation if we possibly can. Furthermore, if you should decide to move your mobile units at any time in the future, our transportation team can make sure that they arrive at their new home in perfect condition.