Portacabins Lincolnshire

Do you have more employees than you have room for at your current location? Could you do with some extra space to store equipment that is not needed at the moment but may be at some point in the future? Do you often need to send employees to work at remote sites and would like them to have somewhere warm and comfortable to do their job whilst they are away? If you answered yes to any of these questions, our range of portacabins in Lincolnshire is sure to be of interest. Manufactured at our Hull facility, each unit complies with the latest European and UK safety standards and comes complete with heating, electrical connections, plumbing and ICT infrastructure if required. We aim to provide our customers with units that can be quickly delivered, installed in a jiffy and put into service immediately.


The Flexible Workspace Solution for All Occasions


It doesn’t matter whether you need a remote office for six months or six years, or perhaps a temporary tool room at your head office that can be moved to a different location at some point in the future, we can supply you with mobile cabins that are perfect for your needs. We have a great deal of experience working with companies in all industries, as well as local government entities, educational facilities, hospitals and charitable concerns. You may think that you have special requirements that no portable building manufacturer can meet but there is a very good chance that we have already helped a client with exactly the same needs as you and will be able to do so again. Wherever you are in Lincolnshire and whatever you are looking for, the Portable Building Shop is here to help.


Common Uses for Our Portacabins in Lincolnshire


Companies and other organisations in the area need well-built, temporary structures for a wide variety of different reasons. Below are just a few examples:


·         New Branch Offices – If your firm is in the process of establishing a presence in this part of the country but you are still unsure whether you will be able to attract enough business from local customers to sustain a permanent branch office, portable buildings make perfect sense.


·         Temporary Accommodation – Hotels are fine when you need to put up employees in remote locations for a day or two, but if you have a whole team in the area that needs somewhere to stay for several months, our mobile units will almost certainly work out to be a much cheaper and more convenient option.


·         Storage Space – Whilst old tools can probably be kept in a shed or similar structure, important paperwork and valuable items need a more secure home. Our portable buildings are an excellent choice for such a requirement.


Ordering New or Pre-Owned Units


You can discuss your requirements and place orders for new and used mobile buildings by calling our sales team on 01480 810429 whenever it is convenient. Call today and let us help solve your workspace needs.