Portacabins Leicester

Our clients in Leicester choose to buy portable buildings from us because they know that they can trust us to supply them with units that represent excellent value for money and that will last them for many years. Furthermore, they know that we will be there in the future, should they need our help to move the buildings in question to a new location. We offer a building movements service in all areas to ensure that whenever you would like to relocate your mobile cabins, you can do so without any problems whatsoever. We think that it is very important for any reputable portable cabin manufacturer to offer such a service as without it, our units would not be truly mobile!


The Logistics of Moving Portacabins in Leicester


There are a number of things to consider if you are planning to move your cabins from one place to another, either within the city or to another part of the UK.


1.       Disruption – You will presumably want to minimise any disruption to your day-to-day business activities so you need to plan ahead and make sure that any employees who will be affected by the move have access to the equipment they need to carry on with their work whilst the cabins they normally occupy are being transported to the new site.


2.       Installation – Once your cabins arrive at the new site, things will go more smoothly if everything is in place for them to be installed. Our team will help you with this task but you might need to make arrangements with the local utility companies at the new site as well, to ensure that water and electricity are available when your units arrive.


3.       Cost – If you were to hire the transportation and personnel needed to carry out this task on your own, the cost of doing so could be quite considerable. However, if you are using our competitive relocation service, you don’t have to worry about costs spiralling out of control.


4.       Redesign – If you are moving your units to a new location because they are surplus to requirements in their current location, you obviously won’t have to worry about point no. 1. Instead, you will have to consider whether your cabin interiors will need to be redesigned to make them suitable for whatever you wish to do with them at the new site. Our in-house design team can help you to come up with new layouts and our refurbishment team can turn the new plans into a physical reality.


What to Do with Mobile Units That Are Not Required for an Extended Period of Time


If you are in possession of portable buildings that are no longer needed where they are currently situated or at any other location, you can take advantage of our short and long-term storage service. We can pick up your portacabins in Leicester and transport them to one of our regional depots for storage until they are needed again.