Portacabins Huntingdon

Our portable cabins are designed and manufactured to the highest standards and have been used for many different purposes, on industrial & commercial sites, at educational and medical facilities, and local government offices. Wherever there is a need for more space, normally on a temporary basis but sometimes for many years, our quality mobile buildings offer an inexpensive, flexible and convenient solution. Whatever the reason that you need an extra workspace in Huntingdon, call us today and find out just how little it could cost to solve all your problems. We offer a wide range of units at highly competitive prices.


Tackling Problems Both Large and Small


Because we manufacture both standalone cabins and modular units that can be fitted together to form much larger structures, we are able to meet the needs of clients of all sizes. Whether you are in charge of finding accommodation for hundreds of new employees for a multinational corporation with a local presence or you are running a small firm in the area and need a comfortable space that your bookkeeper can call their own, we can help. In addition to the supply of new and pre-owned temporary portacabins in Huntingdon, we offer the following services to local clients:


1.       Design – For both new and used buildings, our in-house design team is available to help you plan layouts that take into account your particular requirements. We will also be able to provide you with accurate quotations for each design, making it easy for you to get what you want at an attractive price.


2.       Relocations – The buildings that we sell, both those that are manufactured at our factory in Hull and the previously owned units that we have in our Cambridgeshire depot, are designed to be portable and many of our clients, not surprisingly, actually want to move them from time to time. For this reason, we felt that we really should provide all our customers with an inexpensive building relocation service to facilitate moves from one site to another.


3.       Storage – If your requirement for extra space is a temporary one, you may be wondering what you are supposed to do with your portable units once the space is no longer required. We offer a flexible storage service at our local depot that is designed to solve this problem.


4.       Renovation – Older units, or those that you wish to put to a new use, can be refurbished inside and out, with newly designed interiors, by our expert team.


Our Selection of Pre-Owned Portacabins in Huntingdon


Our stock of previously owned mobile buildings includes not just our own brand but examples from some of the better known manufacturers of portable structures in the UK. Whether you would like a Portable Building Shop original, a Yorkon, Ellliots or Britspace unit, you can find what you want at out Cambridgeshire depot. Our renovation services are available for units that were manufactured by other firms as well as those that were produced in our factory.