Portacabins Herts

For companies that are trying to maintain an eco-friendly image and working with a limited amount of capital, the appeal of portable workspaces is obvious. Investing in new commercial buildings is a hugely expensive undertaking and paying exorbitant rent on serviced suites in the best parts of town can create serious cash flow issues for small businesses. Our range of mobile cabins provides a cost effective alternative that is environmentally friendly too. Although the manufacture of our portable units does result in carbon emissions, as almost all manufacturing processes do, installing a mobile cabin involves far less disturbance to local natural wildlife habitats than large-scale, commercial construction projects. Furthermore, because they can be moved to new sites and refurbished to meet new requirements, our portable cabins in Herts are essentially recyclable.


Delivering Your Corporate Message to a New Audience


Placing advertisements in printed publications, popular online websites and primetime TV spots is one way to get your message across to your target audience but if you really want potential customers to know what a great company you are and how much you care about the environment, there is no better way to deliver your message than in person at various locations across the county. One highly effective way to achieve this aim is to install portable buildings in the Herts towns and villages you wish to target and invite local citizens to visit your local office whenever they have time. This approach is often far more effective than simply dropping by for a few hours as part of a whirlwind road tour of the local area.


Using Portable Cabins in Herts for Other Purposes


Whatever the reason your organisation finds itself in need of more space, or a portable working environment that can be transported to new locations at a moment’s notice, we can help. We have supplied many companies in the area with new and pre-owned units in the past and are familiar with the region and the particular needs of local firms. We provide a competitively priced, flexible service to companies in all market sectors and also work with local government entities, educational institutions and charities on a regular basis. Our sole aim when dealing with new and existing customers is to meet their needs at an attractive price and within a reasonable timeframe; an aim that we are well known for achieving with almost monotonous regularity.


Taking the First Step to Solving Your Workspace Needs


Pick up the phone, call 01480 810429 and ask to talk to somebody about portable cabins, it really is as simple as that. Every member of our sales team is a consummate professional with years of experience and an in-depth knowledge of our product range. Whether you would like us to manufacture new units to your specifications or supply you with refurbished pre-owned cabins at amazing prices, we will be delighted to be of assistance. Contact us today and find out why so many companies refuse to deal with any other portable building supplier.