Portacabins Derby

With a factory in Hull and depots located in Cambridgeshire, Essex and Nottinghamshire, we are able to provide clients in all areas of the United Kingdom with a speedy and cost effective service. Our range of portable buildings includes both modular units that can be used to construct a large temporary workspace as well as jack leg cabins which, although they can actually be stacked to save space, are normally used as standalone units. If you would like to find out more about the portacabins in Derby we can supply, please call our sales team on 01480 810429 to discuss your requirements. We offer a comprehensive range of mobile units so we are sure to be able to help.


Choosing the Right Type of Portable Buildings


Not all mobile units are created equally so it is a good idea to do a little research before placing an order. Whilst we will of course be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, either over the phone or in person, we have prepared a short summary of the main points to consider when shopping for new or pre-owned units.


·         Expandability – If you are looking for a solution that will be easy to expand into a larger space in the future should the need arise, our modular buildings are almost certainly the best choice for you. Whilst they can be used as single units, they are designed to be linked together seamlessly to provide companies and other organisations with highly customisable temporary workspaces that are every bit as good as those to be found in the permanent commercial developments located in and around Derby.


·         Portability – If your main priority is portability and you only require a relatively small space, a standalone jack leg cabin will probably be the most suitable solution for your temporary workspace requirements. Having said that, even our largest modular units, combined to form a vast expanse of temporary space, can be dismantled and transported to a new location if desired. Ourbuilding movements team will take care of all the details on your behalf; all you need to do is tell us when and where you would like your units picked up, and their destination.


·         Cost – For companies that need to solve an urgent requirement for extra workspace but wish to spend as little money as possible in the process, our pre-owned cabins offer the perfect solution.


Long-term Use of Our Portacabins in Derby


Whilst you may only need extra space at your head office for a few months, it would be wasteful to simply dispose of the mobile units you purchase once they are no longer required. A better option would be to put them in storage at one of our depots or have them moved to a new location where they can be put to good use. Our portable buildings are manufactured to exacting standards, using high quality materials and proven designs, so you can expect to get many years of service from each one.