Portacabins Cambs

A mobile building can be used for a wide variety of purposes in many different locations but the real beauty of them, as far as we at the Portable Building Shopare concerned, is their mobility. Construct a building with bricks and mortar, or concrete and breezeblocks, and you end up with a structure which, although it is very solid and durable, can never be moved to a new location. OK, it is physically possible to dismantle brick buildings and painstakingly rebuild them in a new location but this is such a costly endeavour that it’s only normally attempted with buildings of great historical value. The cost of moving an office block brick-by-brick to a new location would far exceed that of simply building a new one.


How Can I Move My Portacabins in Cambs?


A question that we are often asked by prospective clients is how the actual movement of a mobile cabin from one location to another can be accomplished. Just by looking at the size and the solid structure of the units that we manufacture, it will become obvious that loading them onto a trailer and towing them with a family saloon is simply not an option! What is needed, is specialised equipment, the kind that our building movements team uses on a regular basis to facilitate the relocation of customers’ portable buildings within Cambs and across the UK. If and when you need to move your units, simply call us beforehand and we can make all the necessary arrangements. We transport portable buildings all the time so we know exactly how to accomplish the task safely and efficiently.


How Long Will They Last?


Some people are not keen on the idea of investing a significant sum of money in structures that are often labelled as temporary in the industry. However, please don’t let this label discourage you from purchasing what are in fact, very durable units. When the word temporary is used to describe the type of portacabins in Cambs that we supply, it refers to location rather than longevity. A well-built mobile unit could easily last for 10 or 20 years before it needed renovating in any way. If you have any existing portable cabins that have seen better days, you may be interested in our refurbishment service.


Can They Be Altered to Suit New Purposes?


Our new jack leg cabins and modular buildings are manufactured to individual customers’ specifications to ensure they are fit for the purpose they are intended. However, if you wish to use them for a different application in the future, you only need to call our refurbishment team on 01787 478890 to find out how much it will cost to alter the interior. We refurbish both our own cabins and those that are manufactured by other companies. As with all our products and services, we charge a very reasonable rate for this service, and the work can either be carried out on-site or at our local depot if you prefer.