Portacabins Cambridgeshire

There are many reasons apart from your need for extra space only being temporary that you might install one of our mobile cabins in preference to constructing a new permanent building:


·         Planning Permission – At some sites it can be very difficult to obtain planning permission from the local council for new permanent structures. Whilst it is also possible you may not be allowed to install temporary buildings on your site, it is usually easier to obtain permission for the installation of portacabins in Cambridgeshire than it is for buildings constructed of bricks and mortar. We will be pleased to offer our assistance during the application process if required.


·         Environmental Concerns – Your company may have its own environmental policies that rule out the construction of permanent buildings wherever possible. Although the manufacture of our portable units also has an impact on the environment, the fact that they can be moved from site to site, and even kept instorage at our depots when they are surplus to requirements, means that the environmental cost is normally much lower compared to permanent buildings.


·         Cost Constraints – Building a new office block is normally a very costly undertaking so unless you are sure that an increase in staff numbers is a permanent phenomenon and turnover will remain at elevated levels for many years to come, it can be a risky proposition. By using our portable units instead, you can drastically lower the cost of providing your staff with more space and can move the units at a later date if they are no longer needed.


·         Location Independence – As already mentioned a couple of times, our portable buildings are indeed portable! This makes them far more flexible than permanent structures as far as providing extra workspace on a temporary basis is concerned. Companies with several branches in Cambridgeshire, or even in different parts of the UK, can move their mobile units from site to site in response to fluctuating staff levels at each location.


·         Interior Flexibility – In addition to the fact that our mobile buildings can be installed in various configurations externally, e.g. stacked or in single storeys, they can also be adapted internally to suit new purposes. This makes them very flexible in terms of redeployment as they could function as a conventional office space at one site before being used as a tool room at another.


Our Previously Owned Portacabins in Cambridgeshire


If you are looking for the most cost effective solution to your temporary workspace needs, our range of pre-owned units is sure to be of interest. These cabins can either be purchased in their current condition or refurbished by our team of experts before delivery to your site. If you decide to have them refurbished, we can also redesign the interiors if desired, to ensure that they meet your workspace needs perfectly. Our refurbishment and redesign service is also available for units that you may already own. Please call or email us whenever convenient to discuss your new or pre-owned mobile building needs.