Portable Offices Peterborough

With local depots containing a great selection of previously owned modular buildings and a factory in Hull where we can make new cabins and modules to your specifications, the Portable Building Shop has all your temporary office space needs covered. We cater to many different types of organisations in the Peterborough area, from small, independent firms to multinational giants, local authorities, charitable concerns, local schools and colleges. Whatever the reason that you need more space urgently, we can provide modules that will meet your requirements at a price that you are sure to appreciate.


Why We Are the Best Supplier of Temporary Structures


We are your best choice for new and pre-owned portable offices in Peterborough for the following reasons:


·         High Standards – All of the modules that come from our factory are manufactured to the highest standards. They meet or exceed the most stringent safety standards and building regulations currently in force.


·         Budget Alternatives – For projects where costs need to be kept to an absolute minimum, our range of previously owned modules offer the perfect solution.


·         Ongoing Support – If you should wish to move your temporary offices to a new location at some point in the future, you can take advantage of our relocation service to do so in the most efficient way possible.


·         The Environment – Companies that would like to minimise the impact their activities have on the environment will be pleased to know that we offer a comprehensive refurbishment service for used cabins and modular buildings.


In addition to the above, many clients cite our first-class customer service and unfailingly positive attitude as reasons why we are their first choice for temporary office modules.


Installation of Portable Offices in Peterborough


Whether you decide to order new cabins and modules that are built to your specifications or refurbished second hand structures, our team of experts will make sure that the installation process goes smoothly. Our team includes qualified carpenters, electricians and plumbers who will ensure that all required connections are made and that your buildings are ready to use, before they leave your site. We aim to provide our customers with a one-stop supply and installation service that allows them to continue with their day-to-day business whilst we take care of all the details. Expanding your workforce or moving into new sales territories has never been easier!


The Best Way to Get Started


In the first instance, we recommend calling on 01480 810429 if you would like to discuss your new office space needs or 01787 478890 if you are interested in our module storage and refurbishment services. For brand new cabins, our experienced design team will collect all the information that they need in order to produce interior designs that meet your requirements. For pre-owned modules, our refurbishment team will take care of all your needs. If you just need a straightforward cabin storage service, we can provide a competitive quotation as soon as we know the size and number of modules that you would like us to store.