Portable Offices Northants

When most people think of temporary cabins, their thoughts naturally turn to the type of very basic, single units that are found on small construction sites across the country. Whilst we do of course supply this type of temporary building – and at a very competitive price – we would like you to know that there is so much more to the world of portable cabins than this. The modular nature of the units that we manufacture, together with their highly customisable interiors, means that it is possible to build an entire office block from our temporary cabins, with fixtures and fittings on a par with those that are found in permanent buildings. Whatever you need extra space for, we can help you to construct the type of portable office Northants companies would be proud to occupy.


How Your New Office Block Gets from Us to You


Although we offer a very flexible service to all of our clients, the procedure for new building orders is generally as follows.


1.       Initial Contact – You call or email us to let us know your requirements.

2.       Design – We look at all your requirements and design the interior layout of your modules to ensure that they are all met.

3.       Approval – You approve the design, and the prices we quote, and ask us to proceed.

4.       Production – The manufacturing process begins at our Hull factory.

5.       Delivery – The finished units are delivered to your site.

6.       Installation – Our team of expert installers make sure that everything is working as it should be before leaving you to enjoy your new office space. This may include lighting, heating and ICT infrastructure.


Maintaining the Portable Offices Northants Firms Occupy


Whilst general maintenance tasks are the responsibility of the company that purchases each individual unit, we do offer a renovation and refurbishment service that you can use if you would like to have older cabins restored to their former glory. We can also change the interiors of your modules in the event that you would like to put them to a new use. This can help to extend the useful lifespan of temporary buildings by a number of years and lower the carbon footprint for which your organisation is responsible. In simple terms, you could save money and become a more eco-friendly concern at the same time.


Our Previously Owned Modules


We have a selection of pre-owned modules for sale at various depots across the country. In common with new cabins, these can be delivered to any Northants address at a very competitive rate and because our refurbishment team is on hand to spruce them up before they leave our depot, the modules you order should be in excellent condition when they arrive. To find out more about our previously owned or new office modules, please call whenever you have a moment and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. You can also request a quotation for our building transportation and storage services.