Portable Offices Norfolk

Creating a great-looking, functional workspace with modular buildings may sound like a tough challenge but when you have the Portable Building Shop working with you, nothing could be simpler. We produce modular cabins for clients all over the country and our efficient manufacturing and delivery service ensures that no delays are encountered when time is of the essence. Whether you are in central Norfolk or the surrounding area, we will make sure that your portable buildings reach you in good time and look every bit as good as many more permanent structures. We have been designing and building these modules for a number of years and know exactly what it takes to make a great temporary structure.


Fitted to Suit a Variety of Purposes


For companies who take on contracts that require them to send a team of workers to a remote site for weeks at a time, good quality temporary office buildings are vital. Of equal importance are modules that can function as:


·         Bathrooms

·         Kitchens

·         Canteens

·         Sleeping Quarters


If you need your units fitted out to fulfil these and other functions, just let us know and we will put our design team on the job. We have a great deal of experience designing and manufacturing cabins with a diverse range of interior layouts and features so no request is too strange for us. We pride ourselves on our ability to ensure that our customers get the portable units they really need, rather than supplying them with standard units that we churn out to rigid specifications.


Previously Owned Portable Offices Norfolk Firms Can Purchase


We carry a wide selection of second hand units at all times. These include not just those modules that we have manufactured ourselves but some fine examples from other reputable makers such as Portakabin, Yorkon and Britspace. Pre-owned units are well worth considering if your main priority is to bring a job in on budget and our maintenance team always ensure that they are in excellent condition before they are sent out to new sites. If you like the idea of paying less for second hand modules but would prefer to have interiors designed specifically for your needs, we can refurbish them for you are a very reasonable cost.


Why You Might Prefer to Purchase Pre-Owned Units


Apart from cost, there a several other reasons that you may wish to invest in used rather than new units.


1.       Faster Delivery Times – Our delivery times for used modules are up to 60% faster than those for new units. If you are in a real hurry, the case for pre-owned modules is very strong.

2.       More Space – Because they are considerably cheaper than new cabins, you will probably be able to afford far more space than would otherwise be possible.

3.       Eco-Friendly – Recycled Units are kinder to the environment


Before ordering new or used portable offices Norfolk companies are invited to contact our sales team for a competitive quotation. We are sure that you will be absolutely delighted with the prices we charge.