Portable Offices Lincolnshire

Most companies that buy temporary office modules employ them in locations on a purely temporary basis, as you would expect. Nevertheless, this should not mislead you into thinking that they are unsuitable for more permanent applications. If you are planning a new office space and are keen to keep costs to a minimum, our modular cabins could be just what you need. Delivered to you fully carpeted, with all the electrical and telecoms connections you need, they can be occupied almost immediately and will prove to be a very comfortable home for your staff.


Installing New Modules at Your Site


There are a number of things you need to consider when planning to install temporary structures on your land, not the least of which is whether you will need planning permission in order to do so. We can help you to find the answer to this and other questions and, in many cases, take care of all the details on your behalf. Having supplied modular buildings to a number of organisations in the area over the years, we have almost certainly had to deal with the problems that you may be faced with when installing yours. To get a better idea of what may be involved, please call us on 01480 810429 or send an email tosales@portablebuildingshop.co.uk. We are always willing to take the time to answer questions from potential customers and to explain everything that is involved in the process of buying and installing our new office modules.


Portable Offices in Lincolnshire: Our Services


We offer the following services to clients in Lincolnshire:


1.       Design of New Modules – We have a dedicated design team waiting to help you plan the internal layout of your new cabins and to decide how best to place them once they are delivered to your site.

2.       Transportation – In addition to transporting new cabins to the location of your choice, we can transport them to a new site if you would like to move them at some point in the future.

3.       Storage – Modules that are no longer required but may well be needed again in the future can be stored at our depot for a relatively small fee.

4.       Maintenance – If you use your temporary structures on a more permanent basis and they begin to show signs of wear and tear after a few years, our refurbishment team can come to your site and work their magic on each one. Alternatively, if you need them moved as well, we can do this work at our depot or at your new site: the choice is yours.


The Cost Effective, Environmentally Friendly Option


Whether attempting to set up a new workspace with a strictly limited amount of money or to become a more eco-friendly organisation, we have a selection of attractively priced pre-owned portable offices Lincolnshire firms may like to consider. Delivered as is or after refurbishment by our expert team, they offer a highly affordable and environmentally friendly solution to your temporary and semi-permanent workspace needs.