Portable Offices Leicester

Permanent buildings are sometimes the most sensible option when you are establishing a new base in order to bring your firm’s services to a whole new part of the country. However, in many cases they are the most expensive and least flexible option so it is always worth keeping an open mind when you are looking into expanding your field of operations into new areas. If you are considering setting up shop in Leicester but you would rather avoid the high costs and long-term commitment normally associated with commercial space in the city, investing in a few of our inexpensive, high quality office modules could well be your best choice. The Portable Building Shop has helped many companies in the city to set up new, low cost offices and we will be delighted to help you to do the same.


Deciding Exactly What You Want


Before you order a set of brand new modules, or start to shop around for previously owned portable cabins that you can use, it is important to decide exactly what you want from your temporary office space. The type of portable offices Leicester companies require can differ widely depending on the line of business they are in and the intended occupants of the new workspace. Some factors to consider are:


·         Number of Occupants – The number of people that you would like to provide a temporary working space for will affect your choice of layout and, of course, the number of modules that you will need to purchase.


·         ICT Infrastructure – If you know how many computers and telephones you are likely to need in your new workspace, it will make it much easier for us to manufacture new units that are perfect in every way. We can install all the necessary ICT connections before delivering the cabins to your site.


·         Location – If the modules are to be placed in a particularly exposed location, you will need to make sure that they are adequately heated during the colder months of the year. We can install the necessary equipment on your behalf, to ensure that your employees are comfortably warm no matter what outside conditions may be like.


·         Timescale – How urgently the space is needed may affect your decision as to whether to invest in new modules or to opt for pre-owned ones. If time really is of the essence, you can speed things up a little by choosing to buy well-maintained previously owned cabins. Internal layouts can be modified to meet your requirements if necessary.


How We Supply the Portable Offices Leicester Organisations Need


Once you let us know what your requirements are, we can talk you through the various options that could be right for you and discuss the costs associated with each one. You can then decide which option is most suitable and we will ask our design team to start preparing plans (in the case of new modules), or our refurbishment team to make the changes that you require (in the case of pre-owned cabins).