Portable Offices Herts

Hertfordshire companies and local authorities in need of extra office space can take advantage of our competitively priced portable structures instead of paying exorbitant rental fees or investing huge amounts of capital in a new development. At the Portable Building Shop, we specialise in temporary cabins that can be used as standalone structures or, owing to their modular design, put together to form a much larger space. All you need to do is decide what type of layout and features you require, and we will do the rest. Modules come fitted with IT and telecoms connections if required, as well as carpeting, plumbing and heating. The portable offices Herts companies can order from us really do provide an instant solution to overcrowding and workspace requirements at remote sites.


The Most Flexible Solution You Will Find


Even if you can find reasonably priced commercial space to accommodate a temporary increase in your Herts workforce, you may well find that it is either in an inconvenient location or involves committing to a long-term rental contract that ends up costing your company a fortune. The advantages of choosing temporary structures include:


·         Ability to Move at Short Notice – If you need some or all of your workforce to relocate, a portable building will make it much easier to accomplish and much less expensive. Simply call to ask about our building transportation service when you need to move.


·         Faster Construction Times – Ordering new custom modules will involve having to wait a certain amount of time whilst they are being manufactured but it is still far quicker than ordinary construction lead times. If you opt to purchase some of our high quality, refurbished pre-owned modules, you could be up and running even more quickly.


·         Location Independence – Whilst you may not be able to put our modules on a roof rack and drive them to a new location yourself, we have the heavy duty cranes and other equipment to make this a relatively simple task.


·         Ability to Repurpose – Our skilled refurbishment team can change the interior of your portable buildings to suite a new purpose. If, for example, you no longer need the extra office space but you could do with an on-site paperwork archive, this could be easily achieved.


Portable Offices: Herts & Nationwide Service


Whether you are a strictly local concern with a one-off requirement or a nationwide organisation that regularly needs to make use of temporary structures, we will be delighted to provide you with the modules you require at attractive prices. Our portable buildings are manufactured to very high standards and our range of previously owned modules is second to none but we understand that value for money is a top priority for most commercial organisations and we ensure that you always get it with our competitive rates. If you would like to find out exactly how much it will cost for the new or pre-owned portable structures that you need, please call during business hours or send us an email whenever it is convenient.