Portable Offices Essex

There are many reasons that your company might need more office space and there are a number of different ways that you can tackle the issue when you start to run out of room. Below are a few of the more common approaches:


1.       Renting Serviced Office Space – This can seem like a very attractive option as all you need to do is to move your staff into the space in question and everything else is provided. However, serviced offices normally attract very high rental rates and can be in locations that are far from convenient for many firms in Essex.


2.       Making Do with What You Already Have – Option number two is by far the cheapest but it is also the most impractical. When employees have too little space in which to work, productivity suffers and mistakes happen more often.


3.       Moving to a Larger Building – Relocating is something that most company directors dread, for the simple reason that the disruption it causes can be just as expensive as the cost of the move itself. For companies that are sure that a recent increase in the workforce is a permanent phenomenon, this option may be worth considering. If not, it could be a big mistake.


4.       Temporary Structures – There are many types of portable offices Essex companies can purchase, both from ourselves and other leading manufacturers. They offer a cheaper alternative than most of the other options and because they are portable, they can be moved to another location in the future, put into storage until they are used again or sold on the second hand market.


If cost and flexibility are high on your list of priorities, it would seem that option four is your best bet. We supply both new and previously owned portable modules, and would be more than happy to provide you with a detailed quotation for your requirements. Just call 01480 810429 or 07836 327491 and let us know what you need.


Other Services That We Can Provide


Previously owned cabins are an excellent choice when cost is your main concern but what if the modules in question have an interior that is not suitable for your needs or look like they have seen better days? By taking advantage of our comprehensive renovation and refurbishment service, you can purchase pre-owned temporary office modules safe in the knowledge that they will be suitable for all your requirements. Alternatively, if you are looking for new cabins manufactured to meet your specific needs, our experienced design team is here to help.


Delivering the Portable Offices Essex Companies Need


Wherever your company is located, we can deliver your new or pre-owned office modules from our factory or local depot. If you should ever need somewhere to store them, on either a short or long-term basis, we can help with that too. We offer a highly competitive storage service and can pick up the modules from your site, and deliver them when and where they are next needed.