Portable Offices Derby

Whether you are looking to expand your business into new areas and you would prefer to avoid investing millions of pounds in bricks and mortar or you need a suitable space to accommodate temporary office workers in Derby whilst you are conducting a new sales drive, we can help. The Portable Building Shop designs, manufactures and installs high quality temporary office structures for companies across the UK and we have a well-deserved reputation for putting our customers’ needs first. You can call our sales team on 01480 810429 to request a quote, or further information on the type of temporary structures in which you are interested.


The Advantages of Portable Offices Derby Companies Can Enjoy


There are many reasons that organisations in the city may choose temporary modules over permanent buildings, some of which we have listed below.


1.       Cost – The cost of buying and installing portable cabins is far lower than that of constructing permanent commercial space in the area.

2.       Time – By choosing portable modules, you can typically shave up to 50% off the time it will take to prepare your new office space for occupation.

3.       Flexibility – If you only need the space for a short time or you would like the option of moving it to other locations in the future, portable cabins are clearly the best choice.

4.       Minimal Weather Delays – Because we build our modules inside, the weather never stops us from working. The only time it may become a factor is when your new modules are being delivered to site.


Working with You to Create the Perfect Design


Our experienced design team will work with you to ensure that all your needs are met as far as the layout of new modules are concerned and any particular facilities that you require. We can deliver fully decorated new cabins with all the ICT, heating and plumbing infrastructure you require, so all we need to do on arrival at your site is to connect the relevant utilities. You specify the heating, plumbing and ICT equipment you need, as well as where you need it, and we will take care of all the details. We have designed, manufactured and installed many high quality temporary units over the years and have the knowledge and expertise required to ensure that all your requirements are met at an attractive price point.


Inexpensive Pre-Owned Office Modules


If you are looking for the most cost effective solution possible and are flexible with regard to internal layout, we have a wide range of previously owned portable offices Derby firms can purchase at very reasonable costs. These include not only those that we have manufactured ourselves but modules from other leading manufacturers, including:


·         Portakabin

·         Yorkon

·         Britspace

·         WACO

·         Elliots

·         Wernick


If you like the idea of saving money and helping the environment by using pre-owned modules but require a specific layout, our refurbishment team will be more than happy to prepare any of the cabins we have in our depots to comply with your specifications.