Portable Offices Cambs

Modular buildings, which can be moved from site to site, are the perfect solution for construction companies that require temporary office space whenever they start work on a new project. They are also extremely useful for firms who need extra space in a hurry due to rapid expansion, or who need to replace fire-damaged office space, and cannot afford to wait for a conventional building to be constructed. We supply a range of high quality portable offices Cambs organisations can use when constructing temporary workspaces, from both our main factory in Hull and our local Cambs depot.


New and Refurbished Modules

We manufacture brand new modules in our Hull factory, whereas previously owned cabins are stored in our depots across the country, including our Cambridgeshire facility. However, location should not be a consideration when deciding whether to purchase new or refurbished models as we can arrange transportation to and from any site in the UK. Instead, consider the following factors when making your choice:

  • Budget – If you have a limited budget for a particular project but you really need good quality office space, previously owned cabins make a great deal of sense. With our competitively priced refurbishment service, you can be sure they will look as good as new by the time they are delivered to your site.
  • Speed – If you need new space right now and simply cannot afford to wait, a second hand unit is probably the best option. If you do not even have time to wait for it to be refurbished or repurposed, you can probably work around the existing layout of a general office module without too many issues.
  • Design – If you have a particular purpose in mind, such as a temporary clinic at which patients can have private examinations, you will almost certainly find one of our brand new modules to be the best choice. When you purchase a new cabin, or group of cabins, our design team will make sure that the internal layout and features are perfect for your needs.
  • Appearance – Whilst our refurbishment team can ensure that previously owned modules look as good as new, it may be better to order brand new cabins if you have a particular exterior design in mind or you will be using them as temporary headquarters and wish to ensure that important visitors are suitably impressed.


Our Portable Offices: Cambs Area Services

In addition to the supply of new and previously owned modules, we offer the following services.

  • Refurbishment and Renovation – As already mentioned, we can renovate and refurbish existing modules, whether you purchase the modules from us or already own them.
  • Relocation – We can move cabins all around the country, often at short notice.
  • Storage – If you are in between contracts, we can store your temporary office modules for as long as you wish.

Whatever type of office space you are looking for, The Portable Building Shop will be delighted to help. We specialise in temporary modules and are dedicated to meeting our customers’ needs.