Portable Offices Cambridgeshire

The Portable Building Shop is a well-established company with a factory in Hull and depots in various parts of the UK, including Cambridgeshire. We can meet all of your portable building needs at very attractive prices and in addition to the buildings themselves, we offer a range of services to make sure that you never have to go elsewhere to solve your problems.

  • Relocation – Temporary buildings are, as the name suggests, designed to be used in one location on a temporary basis, usually before being moved to a new location or put into storage. This is how the vast majority of our customers employ the units that they purchase from us and is the reason why we offer a competitively priced relocation service across the country. If you complete a project and the temporary structures you were using are needed at another site, we can move them for you.
  • Renovation – Modular buildings usually lead very hard lives, being subject to a great deal of foot traffic and often moved in between multiple locations during their useful lifespan. We are pleased to be able to offer a comprehensive renovation and refurbishment service to our customers, which can extend the lifespan of temporary buildings by a considerable time. It also makes it easy for you to repurpose existing structures instead of having to replace them with new ones.
  • New Building Design – If you are going to the expense of purchasing brand new temporary structures, it makes sense to ensure that they will provide you with everything you need. Our design service will do just this. We can supply drawings for your approval before new units are manufactured and also help you to decide how they should be laid out at your site.


Affordable Pre-Owned Portable Offices Cambridgeshire Firms Will Appreciate

In addition to the range of new buildings that we have to offer, we also have a wide variety of previously-owned units in stock, in our local depots. If you are looking to solve temporary office or accommodation needs in the area, second hand units can make a great deal of sense price-wise, and with our low cost refurbishment service you will not have to put up with shabby looking units in order to save money.

Because our stock of previously owned units is constantly changing, it is a good idea to call and let us know what sort of buildings you are looking for when you are ready to place an order. If we do not have them in stock at your local depot, we will do our best to locate suitable units elsewhere and deliver them to your site.


Boosting Your Green Credentials

By utilising previously-owned portable offices, Cambridgeshire companies can lower their carbon footprint and make a real contribution to commercial organisations’ efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the UK.

Even if you decide to purchase new units instead, you can recycle them at a later date to make sure that your firm is following environmentally sound policies.