Portable Buildings

Our range of high quality mobile buildings includes standalone jack leg cabins of various sizes as well as custom designed modular units for larger developments. Our manufacturing facility was purpose built to produce these units and our team of technicians and designers all have years of experience in the modular and portable buildings industry. What all this means is that when you order new units from us, you can rely on the fact that they will be manufactured to exacting standards and will be designed to accommodate all of your needs. It goes without saying that all of our mobile buildings are designed to comply with, or exceed, current EU and UK regulations.

What You Can Do with Our Portable Buildings

Because our units are manufactured to such high standards, they are suitable for an extremely wide range of applications:

1.       Temporary Offices – One of the most popular uses to which our modular buildings are put is to construct temporary office space that is as comfortable and well-equipped, but nowhere near as expensive as the space that you can find in permanent commercial buildings.

2.       Clubhouses – If you run a society that is currently looking for a new home or that needs some extra space for a while but cannot afford to construct a brand new building, one of our jack leg cabins can easily be adapted to meet your needs.

3.       Overflow Classrooms – Schools often find themselves having to deal with a temporary increase in the number of pupils they serve. Both our modular and standalone units can make excellent short-term classrooms in such situations.


4.       Emergency Accommodation – Local authorities who are responsible for coming to the aid of citizens in the event of natural disasters find our high quality units the perfect solution to their emergency accommodation needs. Fitted with carpets and heating, along with all the plumbing that is needed to provide hot and cold running water, our units can be used in all weathers to house those whose permanent homes have been destroyed or rendered temporarily unfit for human habitation.


5.       Satellite Offices – If your company is in the process of expanding into new areas but does not yet wish to commit large chunks of capital to the construction of new regional headquarters, our mobile units can serve as satellite branches until such a time as new business justifies the building of a more permanent solution. If this never happens, they can of course be repurposed and used elsewhere.


Why Deal with Us?

With all of the mobile building companies that are currently operating in the UK, why should you choose to do business with us? Firstly, we have many regular clients who can testify to the fact that we go out of our way to make sure that their requirements are always met in full and secondly, we are committed to achieving this goal at a cost that enables us to continue to charge highly competitive prices for all our products and services.

Areas we cover: