Portable Buildings Northants

We may not be the most famous maker of portable structures in the UK but we are certainly one of the best. At the Portable Building Shop, we take great pride in the fact that our cabins can be found all over the country and that the customers with whom we work in areas such as Northants stay loyal to us in the face of stiff competition. If you need portable structures of the highest quality at affordable prices, please feel free to call us on 01480 810429 to discuss your needs. We supply the following types of portable buildings in Northants:


1.       Standalone Jack Leg Cabins – These are great for small to medium-sized building sites and other applications where only a limited amount of space is required and keeping costs to a minimum is a priority.


2.       Modular Buildings – Units that can be used on their own or built up into a larger structure. Our modules all come fully equipped straight from the factory so you can be sure that they will reach you in tip-top condition.


We supply each of the above types of portable structures either new from our factory or pre-owned from one of our depots in the area. If you decide to purchase previously owned units, we can refurbish the interiors to meet your requirements and spruce up the exteriors too. We stock modules from a number of different manufacturers, in addition to those that were originally made in our own factory. Portakabin, Yorkon and Elliotts are among the names that you are likely to see when browsing our stock of second hand units in Cambridgeshire, Nottinghamshire or Essex.


Why Our Portable Buildings in Northants Are so Popular


Northamptonshire has always been a thriving manufacturing centre, hosting famous shoe and boot makers as well as many other companies that are leaders in their particular market sectors. The type of companies that make it to the top of their respective industries are those that are able to think outside the box and do things differently in order to keep innovating without pushing up prices too high. Using quality modular buildings in place of traditional business premises is one way in which it is possible to minimise start-up and expansion costs and thereby steal a march on the competition.


Wherever You Go, We can Help You Get There


Our portable buildings in Northants can be extremely useful even when they are only ever used in a single location. However, we feel that in order to reach their full potential, our customers should be able to take advantage of their portability whenever they wish. With this in mind, we set up a building relocation service that any of our customers can use. Just let us know which modules you would like transported, as well as the pickup and drop off points, and we can take care of the rest. We can even take them to a nearby depot en route and refurbish them before delivering them to the new site.