Portable Buildings Norfolk

What do you do when you are running out of space at your current business premises, there is not enough capital available to construct new buildings and relocating is simply out of the question? The answer to that question is quite simple: you contact the Portable Building Shop on 01480 810429 and let us tell you about our range of new and pre-owned temporary buildings. Whatever space issues you are having right now, we can solve them. We manufacture high quality mobile cabins and modular units that conform to all the latest industry standards. We have an in-house specialist design team waiting to hear your requirements and incorporate them into custom interiors that will make your temporary structures look and feel every bit as good as a permanent building made from bricks or stone.


Designing Temporary Buildings That Provide Permanent Solutions


The term temporary implies something impermanent, something that will soon be gone, so it is not really a very good word to use when describing the cabins that we manufacture at our state-of-the-art facility in Hull. Neither is it a good word to use when talking about the range of previously used modules that we keep in stock at our depots across the UK. Whether you are looking for brand new units designed specifically for you or second hand modules that still have plenty of years left in them, the buildings that we supply are only temporary when compared to the centuries old structures that can be found in historic parts of the country such as Norfolk. The vast majority of them will last for many years and, if they should start to show too many signs of wear and tear, we can refurbish them at very attractive rates.


Delivering and Installing Portable Buildings in Norfolk


Whether you decide to order custom modules from our Hull factory or pre-owned units from a nearby depot, we will make sure that they are ready for occupation before transporting them to your site and installing them. In addition to helping you choose the most appropriate interior layouts for each module, we can also help you to work out how best to arrange them at your site. If you have plenty of space, a single storey layout covering a fairly large area may be the easiest option but if you would like a more compact solution, stacking the modules in two or three layers could be a better option. If there are any unique factors about your site that may affect the type of layouts it is possible to use, you should of course let us know at the earliest possible opportunity.


A Supplier That Always Listens


We always listen to what our customers have to say because it is the only way that we can make sure we are meeting all of their needs. In response to a request we have often heard, we provide a relocation service for portable buildings in Norfolk, so you can always move them to wherever they are most needed.