Portable Buildings Herts

Portable offices, workshops, libraries, clinics, classrooms and storage areas are just a few of the uses to which our self-contained modular buildings have been put by our clients; the possibilities are almost limitless. We manufacture high quality cabins and temporary buildings that are used all over the country and are delighted to be able to offer customers in the Herts area our full range of products and services. Whether you are running a small local firm or a branch office for a large multinational concern, the Portable Building Shop can help you to solve your temporary building requirements at very reasonable prices. Our experience in the modular building industry, together with our team of skilled designers, means we are able to meet the needs of a diverse range of organisations, smoothly and efficiently.


Installing Our Portable Buildings in Herts Locations


We make installing new cabins and modular buildings simplicity itself. Our modules can be equipped with lighting, heating, carpets and all the connections you need before being delivered to your site, making the actual installation task a breeze. Whether you want the units installed in a town centre location or in a remote area of the local countryside, our team will ensure that everything goes smoothly on the day and that your temporary structures are ready for your employees to use by the time they have finished. We understand that time really is money for many organisations, which is why we only employ highly efficient technicians on our installation team.


Maintaining Temporary Buildings


When you go to the expense of constructing a purpose-built warehouse or office block, you are committing yourself to spending large sums of money on an annual basis just to keep your new buildings in a reasonable condition. However, the easy-to-maintain exterior finish of our modular systems make maintenance a simple and inexpensive task, and the fact that individual modules can be replaced if necessary means that you do not have to pour money into a bottomless pit in the event that part of your new temporary structure should fall into a state of disrepair. Simply replace the offending unit and your premises will be as good as new. Having said that, if you buy modular buildings from our high quality range, you are unlikely ever to encounter such problems in the first place.


Using Portable Modules at Multiple Locations


One of the biggest advantages of investing in portable structures is, not surprisingly, their portability, but unfortunately, many firms are unable to capitalise on this advantage because they do not have the necessary equipment to relocate modules once they have been installed at the original site. Whether you buy our units or already own portable buildings in Herts that were manufactured by another company, you can use our building movements service to relocate them whenever you wish. We want our clients to be able to make full use of the portability of their buildings and are happy to do everything in our power to ensure that this is the case.