Portable Buildings Essex

Traditionally, portable buildings in Essex and other parts of the country have only been employed in areas where it was either impractical to build permanent structures or not cost effective, owing to the temporary nature of the requirement for extra space. However, in the 21st century, many organisations are beginning to realise the environmental benefits of utilising portable structures over bricks and mortar, benefits that are not insubstantial:


1.       Reusability – Whilst you might initially use a temporary structure as office space for your administration staff, that does not preclude using it as a stockroom or staff canteen at some point in the future. At the Portable Building Shop, we offer a comprehensive renovation and interior refurbishment service to all our customers. If you would like to repurpose your portable cabins, we can redesign and refit the interiors to suit the new purpose for which you wish to use them.


2.       Recyclability – When your portable units start to look as if they are nearing the end of their useful lifespan, you don’t have to arrange to have them taken to the local tip. You can hire our team to renovate them and continue to use them for as long as you wish instead. Our units are extremely well built and could even outlast many more permanent structures if looked after properly. In addition to renovating our own modules, we are more than happy to renovate and refurbish cabins manufactured by other firms.


3.       Less Disruptive – If you were to hire a local building firm to construct a new office block or warehouse at your Essex premises, this could involve a considerable amount of disruption, both to local residents in the area where your firm is located and to indigenous wildlife too. The digging of foundations, pouring of cement and building of solid walls all generates traffic and pollution, and can often destroy natural habitats on which the local fauna depends.


4.       Less Permanent – If you no longer need the space that our temporary modules provide you with, you can either sell them, use our relocation service to send them to another site where they are needed or take advantage of our inexpensive storage service. The simple fact is, it is much easier to return a greenfield site to its original condition when all that has been erected on it is temporary structures. However, if you wish to continue using our modules for many years to come this will not be a problem, as already mentioned.


Portable Buildings in Essex from Many Manufacturers


Our temporary structures are the best in the business, of that we are sure. However, we also acknowledge that some of our competitors make fine products and you can find previously owned modules from firms such as Portakabin, Yorkon, Elliots and WACO, as well as our own cabins, in our local depots. We can refurbish these to meet your needs and deliver them to your site for a particularly cost effective and environmentally sound solution to your workspace needs.