Portable Buildings Cambs

We work with such a wide variety of clients that it is difficult to sum up what we do in a couple of sentences. We could tell you that we manufacture temporary buildings for use in Cambs and across the UK but that does not really begin to cover what we are able to offer our customers in all areas of the country. The best place to start is with the buildings themselves and what they can be used for. To give you an idea of how flexible our portable units are, take a look at the following list of applications:


·         Sleeping Accommodation – If you operate remote sites, where staff are expected to work for days or weeks at a time before returning home or back to headquarters, you will find that onsite accommodation makes life much easier, both for your company and your employees. Our units can be fitted out to serve as comfortable living and sleeping quarters at a very affordable cost.


·         Office Space – When your administration staff is beginning to outgrow the existing available space, temporary office units make a great deal of sense. They are cheaper than permanent buildings and could help your firm to avoid the upheaval associated with relocation.


·         Community Clinics – If a certain town or city is experiencing problems with an outbreak of a particularly virulent type of flu, or perhaps involved in a local drive to encourage more people to give blood, mobile clinics, which can be moved to a new location once they have served their purpose, are a great idea.


·         Temporary Classrooms – There are any number of reasons that a local school might suddenly need to accommodate a greater than usual number of pupils and our high quality portable buildings can provide the perfect solution whatever the reason.


Renovating Portable Buildings for Cambs Clients


We sell a lot of brand new modules, manufactured at our purpose-built factory in Hull, but we also have a large stock of second hand units, produced both by ourselves and other top portable building manufacturers. If you elect to purchase previously owned units, you can take advantage of our renovation service to have the interior of each one remodelled to suit your needs and preferences. What’s more, even if you didn’t purchase your temporary structures from the Portable Building Shop, we will still be more than happy to refurbish them to your specifications. To find out more about this service, please call 01787 478890 or email us using the contact form on our website.


What We Won’t Do for Our Clients!


We do everything we can to accommodate the needs of our clients, whether they are shopping for new or previously owned modules. This includes a cost effective relocation service for temporary buildings in all areas of the United Kingdom. What we won’t do is force you to fit in with our way of thinking, accept inferior products or services, put up with lengthy delays or pay over the odds for portable buildings in Cambs!