Modular Buildings

Our modular units have been used in all areas of the United Kingdom by organisations in need of a cost effective solution to their additional workspace needs. They are also an excellent choice when fire or flood renders permanent structures uninhabitable and time is of the essence. Our units have a number of key advantages over immobile structures that are made from concrete, bricks and mortar:


1.       Mobility – The very fact that our buildings can be dismantled andtransported as individual units to a new site, where they can be put together again, makes them far more flexible than traditional buildings. Companies with branches in various different parts of the country can relocate entire buildings in the event that they should be needed elsewhere.


2.       Speed – We can construct entire office blocks from modular units in approximately half the time that it would take to build a new permanent structure, sometimes even faster. If your corporate headquarters have been devastated by fire and you need to provide your employees with a new home as quickly as possible, our units make a great deal of sense.


3.       Build Quality – When you employ a team of builders to construct a new office or warehouse, electricians to wire everything up, plumbers to make sure there is running water and HVAC engineers to install heating and air-con equipment, it is very difficult to ensure that the quality of the work carried out is consistent across the entire development. On the other hand, when you order modular buildings from us, it is very easy.


4.       Ease of Expansion – Because our units are, as the name implies, modular by nature, it is very easy to expand existing structures that are built from them, to create more space as and when required. By the same token, should your workspace needs decrease in the future, it is simplicity itself to remove one or more modules and reduce the amount of space that your building occupies. This level of flexibility is just not possible when using traditional buildings to house your organisation.


5.       Change of Use – If you want to transform your modular office block into overnight accommodation units for staff visiting remote sites, this is very easy to achieve. Our refurbishment team, working in concert with our team of expert designers, can work miracles on existing units to ensure that they are suitable for any new use you may have for them. Whilst it is also possible to remodel the interiors of permanent buildings, it usually takes far longer and is considerably more expensive.


Modular Buildings Offer a Less Disruptive Solution


The fact that the vast majority of the work involved in creating a modular edifice is carried out in our factory means that very little in the way of construction work will actually take place at your site, reducing the disruption caused to your staff and the local community alike. This brings both productivity and publicity benefits that can be invaluable to companies that operate on tight margins.

Areas we cover: