Modular Buildings Peterborough

At the Portable Building Shop, we are proud of the high quality modules that we manufacture in our Hull factory but we are equally pleased to be able to offer our clients in Peterborough a wide choice of previously owned units from other major names in the industry. Whatever your budget and needs, we are sure we will be able to come up with a modular workspace solution that suits you perfectly. Modules from companies such as Portakabin, Elliots, Britspace and Yorkon can be found in our regional depots, along with a good selection of our own of course. Whether you decide to buy new or previously owned units, our industry-leading team of designers, together with our refurbishment team if necessary, will make sure that the modules you purchase are equipped with everything you need and decorated to suit your corporate image.


Non-Commercial Clients


Although many of our modular buildings in Peterborough are bought by commercial organisations who like the fact that our units enable them to construct high quality workspaces at affordable costs, we also work with many charities, educational institutions, medical teams, government bodies and other non-profit organisations. The same modules that are so often designed to be joined together to form the perfect office space for busily expanding companies can just as easily be kitted out to serve as mobile clinics or libraries. No matter what your needs are, our portable buildings can be adapted to meet them. Among the many benefits they have to offer non-profit organisations, the following spring to mind most readily:


·         They Can Be Moved – Charitable organisations that specialise in providing help when and where it is most needed find our portable modules to be the perfect solution for a wide variety of applications. Whether you are engaged in educating underprivileged youngsters or providing basic healthcare services to people living in deprived neighbourhoods, the ability to relocate your taskforce and its custom-designed workspace to wherever it is most needed is priceless.


·         They Can Be Redesigned – Organisations that are run for the benefit of humanity rather than to maximise profits for shareholders are always hesitant to invest large sums of money in permanent buildings that could easily become surplus to requirements at some point in the future. However, if, for example, you purchased a set of modules from us that were designed to be used as a temporary school, you could easily dismantle the whole structure at a later date and have the interiors altered to make them suitable for use as food storage space or something completely different. Our buildings offer non-profit organisations a very precious commodity: flexibility.


Modular Buildings in Peterborough for All


We work with a great variety of both commercial and non-commercial clients and always focus on providing an exceptional level of service for each and every customer with whom we have the pleasure to deal. Whether you are ordering new or pre-owned modules, requesting a refurbishment quotation or asking for assistance from our buildings transportation team, you will find that we always give 100%.