Modular Buildings Northants

Don’t put up with lengthy delays, months of dusty construction work and a muddy site the next time you want to expand your current workspace; instead ask us to manufacture a set of modules that is perfect for your needs and we will erect them quickly and efficiently at your corporate headquarters as soon as they are ready. Our modular buildings in Northants are designed to provide companies and other organisations with all the creature comforts and functionality of a conventional office space without any of the headaches and huge construction costs that such spaces normally involve. If we were asked to sum up why our portable buildings are a better option, the following points would probably be the first that we would mention:


·         Convenience – When you opt to have a new building constructed from our modules, the vast majority of the construction work actually takes place at our state-of-the-art factory where each module is manufactured. Before they are delivered to your site, the modules are fitted with everything your employees will need, such as lighting, heating, electrical wiring and ICT cabling. When they are delivered to your site, they can be quickly hooked up to the local utilities and be ready to use in no time at all.


·         Future Proofing – If you choose to build a new office block from traditional materials, it will never be possible to completely alter the internal layout in the way that you can with our modular units or to move it to another location. However, if you let us produce a design for a modular structure that meets your needs today, you will not be stuck with the exact same design and layout for all eternity. If in a few years’ time, you wish to repurpose the building, our design and refurbishment team can transform each module to meet your new needs and come up with a completely different external configuration if necessary. If the space is no longer needed at the current location but would come in very handy elsewhere, our building movements team will be delighted to help you relocate the entire structure.


·         Speed – We can design, manufacture and erect a complete building for you in around half the time that it would take for a reputable construction firm to achieve the same feat using traditional building materials. If speed is of the essence, we can have your new Northants workspace ready in record time.


Expanding and Contracting Modular Buildings in Northants


Imagine a building that you can expand or reduce in size to meet your changing needs over the years. Well, if you choose the Portable Building Shop to meet your current workspace requirements, that’s exactly what we will provide you with. Instead of paying to maintain, light and heat room that you no longer need, you can simply remove modules and put them into storage at one of our depots. If you should ever need more space, just give us a call on 01480 810429 and we will get to work immediately.