Modular Buildings Norfolk

The Portable Building Shop offers a one-stop service to companies in Norfolk who are looking to add additional workspace to their current headquarters or to a remote site, without going through all the hassles and expense associated with conventional building methods. Our modules offer a flexible, cost effective alternative to permanent structures and can be used to construct buildings of varying sizes and layouts. Each individual module is delivered with all the electrical wiring, plumbing and telecoms connections you need, and decorated to your specifications. Our design team can help you to choose the most efficient layout for your modular structure, as well as the best interior configuration for each unit that you purchase.


Moving Our Modular Buildings in Norfolk


Perhaps the biggest advantage of using our high quality modules to construct new office space is the fact that each module, or indeed the entire structure, is truly portable. This means that any time you wish to reduce the amount of space you are using, you can simply remove one or more modules and put them into storage. Alternatively, if the workspace is no longer needed at its current location but would come in very handy elsewhere, you can use our efficient building movements service to relocate the whole structure. This flexibility is what attracts so many organisations to our portable modules in the first place.


Absolutely No Need to Compromise


You might think that by choosing mobile units over a permanent building, you will have to sacrifice something in terms of comfort or functionality but this is not the case. As already mentioned, our modules can be fitted with everything you need and they can be decorated according to your wishes. We will even carpet them before they leave our factory so that your staff can move in as soon as the units are connected to local power and water supplies. Longevity is not an issue either; our units are manufactured to high standards from durable materials and can be refurbished at a later date if the interiors start to show signs of wear and tear. The only thing that is truly impermanent about our modules is their location.


Choosing the Most Cost Effective Solution


We are not just a manufacturer of portable buildings, we also supply previously owned units from our regional depots along with support services that help our clients to get the most out of their modular buildings in Norfolk:


·         Transportation – Wherever your modules are initially installed, we can move them anywhere in the country at any time in the future. Our building movements team are often able to accommodate short-notice requests and provide a very competitively priced service.


·         Design & Refurbishment – Our design team can create the perfect interiors for new modules as well as for pre-owned units when working in conjunction with our refurbishment team.


Call us today on 01480 810429 to discuss your portable building needs and we will be happy to answer any questions that you have about our products or services.