Modular Buildings Essex

The Portable Building Shop produces a range of modules that can be customised to suit your needs. We also maintain a comprehensive stock of previously owned units from other manufacturers so whatever your budget and needs, we are sure to be able to help. Our modular units, as you would expect, are designed to slot into place together to form one large, contiguous building. Because you decide how many modules you would like and how you want them to be laid out, you have complete control over the appearance and configuration of the end result. We are many company’s first choice when it comes to modular buildings in Essex and we are proud of the excellent reputation that we have in the area.


Designed to Meet Your Needs


Whatever the reason for your interest in our range of prefabricated modules and however long you intend to use them, we can manufacture the perfect units for your needs. Each module can be customised in the following ways:


·         Size – We can make individual units in a range of sizes so you will be able to create a building that matches the exact dimensions you have in mind when using our custom modules.


·         Interior Design – The décor and layout of our units can be tailored to your specifications. If you are worried that by going the modular route, you will be condemning your employees to an institutionalised working environment, you can stop worrying because our design team will make sure that your staff has a comfortable, pleasant space in which to work.


·         Configuration – If you are ordering multiple modules, you can choose to have them laid out in a number of different ways. Some organisations prefer single-storey buildings spread over a wide area whereas others opt to stack their modules over several floors and install lifts to ensure easy access to each one.


·         Infrastructure – You tell us what you require in the way of heat, light, electricity, telecoms and water, and we will make sure that your units come equipped with all the necessary infrastructure to provide for these requirements in full.


·         Location – Because you are not tied to a particular site where foundations have been laid, as would be the case with a permanent concrete structure, you can choose to have your new building erected wherever you like. Assuming there are no technical issues that make it impractical, you could have a last-minute change of mind with regards to location and it may well cost relatively little in terms of money and time for us to accommodate this change.


Pre-Owned Modular Buildings in Essex


As we mentioned earlier, you will find a great selection of previously owned modules at our regional depots in Cambridgeshire, Nottinghamshire and Essex. Some of these are our own design and some are from other leading firms in the portable building industry, such as Portakabin and Elliots. These units can be purchased in their existing condition or refurbished by our in-house team before delivery and installation at your site.