Modular Buildings Derby

We specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of fully equipped modular units that can be connected together to form a single structure. Not only are such buildings far faster to erect than conventional ones, they are significantly cheaper too. Whether you have an urgent requirement for extra space owing to an unexpected increase in business or you are looking for a long-term solution to your ever-expanding workforce’s accommodation needs, the modular buildings in Derby that we supply are well worth considering. Call our sales team today to discuss your needs in detail. We are more than happy to manufacture modules to your specifications and will of course provide accurate quotations on request.


Emergency Accommodation


If you have lost part or all of your current premises in Derby owing to fire or flood, our modules could provide you with the fastest, most cost effective solution to your immediate workspace needs. In an emergency, our units offer the following advantages over permanent structures:


·         Faster Construction – As already mentioned, building times for structures made from our modular units are much faster than for conventional structures. You could cut the total construction time in half if you opt for our solution.


·         More Adaptable – Permanent buildings have traditionally been the more popular solution for companies that are recovering from a disaster but our modules are far more adaptable, meaning that if you should change your mind about the layout or interior décor at some point in the future, they are easy to alter. You can even move your whole building to another site if you so wish.


·         Less Delays – As the units are manufactured inside our factory, we have far greater control over the environment in which they are built than a traditional builder has. This enables us to guarantee our lead times.


·         Fully Equipped – We can install all the lighting, heating and electrical connections that you require before we deliver each unit to your site. This means that as soon as we have arranged the units according to your needs, they will be ready for occupation straight away.


·         Fully Customisable – Even when time is of the essence, our design teamcan work with you to make sure that the units we manufacture are made to meet your particular requirements. We can offer you a high-speed solution to your staff accommodation needs that does not require you to make any compromises as far as functionality and interior design are concerned.


Creating the Very Best Modular Buildings in Derby


We are passionate about what we do and believe that we manufacture the best value modules on the market and create the most functional and durable portable buildings in the area. If you need to replace fire or flood damaged workspace as soon as possible, call us on 01480 810429 today. We have a great deal of experience helping organisations in similar circumstances and can draw on our expertise to ensure that we are able to meet all of your needs within an acceptable timeframe.