Modular Buildings Cambs

There are a number of advantages to having a building constructed from our modular units rather than using traditional construction methods, i.e. concrete and bricks:


1.       Speed – We can manufacture the units and put them together on your site in roughly half the time that it would take to build a permanent structure. This is partly because of the ease of construction when putting together modular units and partly because the work on each individual unit is completed at our factory, so there are no delays due to the weather.


2.       Cost – The cost of erecting modular buildings in Cambs is significantly lower than the cost of constructing permanent buildings. You might wish to take into account the possible appreciation that you could enjoy if you built a permanent structure but if you are simply analysing the costs of providing your staff with extra space right now, this will not be a factor.


3.       PortabilityOur modular structures are carefully constructed according to the latest safety regulations and each unit is manufactured from high quality materials, which means that they will last you for many years if well looked after. They are referred to as temporary rather than permanent structures for the simple reason that they can be dismantled and moved to a new location if desired; a quality that many of our clients find very useful.


4.       Flexibility – In addition to being portable, a building constructed from our units can be rearranged into new layouts as and when necessary. You can also expand or reduce the amount of space very easily by adding or removing individual modules. These are options that are just not possible with traditional building methods as they would be too costly.


5.       Convenience – Our modules are manufactured and fully equipped in our factory before being delivered to your Cambs site, so all that needs to be done once they arrive, is to arrange them in the configuration of your choice and connect the power, water and telecoms equipment to the local utility providers. With a conventional building all of the work takes place at your site whereas with ours, only the final phase is completed on your land. This minimises the disruption caused to both your employees and to any local residents who might otherwise be expected to endure months of dust and noise.


Moving and Refurbishing Modular Buildings in Cambs


We offer a building movements service to customers in the area, enabling you to relocate individual modules or entire buildings whenever you wish. We also have a refurbishment team at our local depot who can renovate older units and even alter the internal layouts if desired. This work can be carried out at our depot or at your site, the choice is yours. Our goal is to ensure that all of our clients in Cambridgeshire are able to make the most of every advantage that our modular units offer over traditional structures and we will do whatever is necessary to make sure that this is the case.