Modular Buildings Braintree

For companies and other organisations in this part of Essex that are looking for innovative solutions to their needs for extra space, our range of custom-built modular units are an excellent choice. We specialise in the manufacture of custom modules that can be joined together to form structures both large and small, and that come with all the necessary infrastructure already installed. We fit heating, lighting, electrical and telecoms connections in our factory before transporting the units to your site and erecting your new building. The whole process is far faster than traditional construction methods, making it particularly suitable for situations where the space in question is needed as quickly as possible.


5 reasons to Use Our Modular Buildings in Braintree


If you are in urgent need of more space but you cannot make up your mind whether to have a conventional building constructed or order our modules, the following list may help you to decide.


1.       Rain Never Stops Play – Our units are constructed in a clean, controlled environment, i.e. our factory in the north of England. This means that we are able to continue with the process of constructing your new building whatever the weather. Pouring rain, hurricane-force winds and driving snow mean nothing to us; work continues apace regardless of what Mother Nature is doing outside so you can look forward to a timely service with no unexpected delays.


2.       You Can Adapt Your Building as Your Business Grows – Rather than having to continually erect new buildings to cope with the ever increasing need for workspace that rapidly expanding companies have to deal with, our units allow you to expand your existing building in a carefully controlled and cost effective manner. No disruptive building machinery on your site and no need to worry about finding huge amounts of capital on a regular basis. You can add as few or as many extra modules whenever you wish.


3.       No Need to Deal with Numerous Sub Contractors – When you have a permanent structure built, you normally have to deal with many different contractors to ensure that your plumbing, heating, lighting and interior furnishing needs are met. However, if you order modular units from us, each one will be fully equipped with everything that you need when it arrives at your site.


4.       Your Building Can be Moved – We can dismantle your building and transport the modules from Braintree to any location in the country that you wish. More importantly, we can also put them all back together again at the new site!


5.       Excellent After-Sales Support – In addition to our transportation service, we also offer refurbishment and storage services to all our clients.


Call Today for More Details


Our sales team will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have about our range of modular buildings in Braintree. You can get in touch with them by calling 01480 810429 during normal working hours or by completing the enquiry form on our website at any time.