About us

Welcome to The Portable Building Shop. We have been supplying successfully both new and pre-owned modular and portable building for all types of projects.

We can supply both new and refurbished second user buildings to all business sectors

  • Industrial:  Offices, Workshops, Stores, Specialist Units
  • Commercial:  Offices, Marketing Suites, Waste Management, Railways
  • Construction:  Construction offices, Welfare, Anti Vandal units, Project Offices
  • Education:  Nurseries, Pre-School, After School, Classrooms, Laboratories.
  • Health:  Doctors Surgeries, Wards, Operating Theatres, Clinics, Administration Offices
  • Government:  Offices, Libraries, welfare units, temporary accommodation.

Working with recognised people in the modular and portable building industry for their expertise in manufacturing new build modulars, jackleg cabins, anti-vandal units and stores.  We also have skilled tradesmen suitable for refurbishing pre-owned modular and portable buildings. The Portable Building Shop supplies both new and pre-owned buildings for all types of applications where re-locatable and modular and portable buildings are the most suitable and economic solution for the requirement.

New buildings come direct from our factory facilities in Hull. These buildings meet the highest specifications and stringent building regulations. Where cost is an issue, we also provide the economic alternative of pre-owned modular and portable buildings from our centres in Cambridgeshire, Essex and Nottinghamshire.

In the portable building industry a wide variety of names are used to describe similar products.  Modular, portable, prefabricated, pre-fabricated, volumetric, off site construction, build off site, built off site, decant, temporary buildings, temporary accommodation, portable accommodation, relocatable modular buildings.

As well as all the descriptions, there are many companies manufacturing modular and portable buildings. The Portable Building Shop have available from an extensive stock, modular and portable buildings manufactured by recognised portable and modular building manufacturers. Portakabin, Elliotts, Yorkon, Britspace, Wernick, Adroit, WACO, Premier Transline and Servaccomm to name but a few.

So if you are looking for any type of modular and portable building, either NEW or REFURBISHED SECOND USER for your project, give us a call.

For more information please contact us via email or using the details on the right side of the page.